You know I have to have an entry page to the nightlife of the U.P.  I will probably use this area as my creative outlet...ok ok I think this entire site will become my creative outlet. However, I will keep it relative clean in the other areas of the site and maybe not so much here! 

If you have spent your entire day hitting the slopes at Indianhead, Big Powderhorn, Blackjack, Whitecap, or even Porkies, you need to warm up and unwind.

Maybe it isn't winter time and you have just hit a ton of the ATV Trails in Wisconsin and Michigan, then you must be parched and need a place to wash down the dirt, rocks and dust your buddies have been kicking up all day.  

You know what...I don't need to give you any reason to head out and paint the town red...but if you want some more reasons, convincing or just want to be entertained before you hire that taxi  follow me down the rabbit hole.

WAIT....Did you call a taxi? If you didn't, please take this time to do so....compared to what taxis cost in the larger cities, these guys are bargain and compared to what a ticket costs you would be stupid not to hire one. 

Twin City Cab - (906) 932-0711 

All Around Taxi - (715) 561-4443