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Yes....Beer and Wine can be an activity all by itself. Here we will focus on local wines and brews of Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.

Now you might be saying that "Hey....some of these places are too far for me to drive to..." and to that I say "Do you drive to St. Louis to get your Budweiser?" or "Really, are you flying to Portland, OR for your favorite microbrew"? 

Why do I want you to know about these local spirits? If you are like most of us...you will find yourself in a bar having a grand ol' time trying all sorts of new things (hopefully you keep it to drinking). Then before you know it, your mind escapes you and you "forget" that awesome thing you just drank.


If you might be beer and wine connoisseur, you are probably doing some research before you come up. Take if from me, the best experimentation happens in the field (this isn't limited to drinking)...so just jot down what you want to try and how much of it you think you can handle! 


Before we get started, here is well compiled list of breweries in the U.P.  If you happen to discover something we don't have listed, I sure hope you share your findings with us!