Our Friends

Here is a list and brief description of the people and companies we have personally worked with and sincerely enjoyed.

Copper Peak

The largest Ski Flying Hill in North America! We have a page dedicated to them, but encourage you to check out the official website (click on the name).

Buds Charter Fishing 

We used Bud's Charter fishing for a half-day trip on Lake Superior for some the tasty Lake Trout we have always heard about. Even though we were a rowdy bunch of guys on a bachelor party, Bud was all about Cacchen Fish! Very highly recommended and we can't wait to book another fishing trip with him.

Click here for Bud's Facebook page and tons of pics!

VFW Bessemer, MI 

The fine folks at VFW Post 3673 are absolutely fantastic! There have been numerous times when we have gone there after a long day of work and were offered to enjoy some of the complimentary food they are known to provide from time to time. I will save the story of how we went in there for lunch and didn't end up leaving until 9pm that evening for a future blog post. 

Things to do in the UP 

Jesse, the founder of the awesome site, Things to do in the UP, is a fantastic resource and has loads of information about the the entire U.P.  

Abstract Machina 

An amazing artist from the Duluth, MN area that has expressed a desire to support our website. 

Laska's Gardens

The fine folks who run this landscaping company have been friends of ours for years and are regular guests at 802 Sno Use. In fact, they have been using it for their annual "guys weekend" for the last 5 years. If you are in the Eastern Suburbs of the Twin Cities, I highly recommend reaching out to see how they can help you with your landscaping needs.