A few of us visited Copper Peak recently, so I thought....WOW we need a page just for this place. Over the next couple of days I will update this page with all the amazing things I learned about Copper Peak as well as my photos! 

If you didn't know, Copper Peak is the only Ski Flying structure in the Western Hemisphere........ 

Just updated the site (12/13/13) with a bunch of pictures that were taken this past Fall. As of now, they aren't organized in any particular order...I just wanted to quickly upload them and share with everyone!

FYI: The guy you see giving the thumbs up is a coworker from Guatemala that currently resides in Miami and made the trek across the country (literally) to stay at 802 Sno Use and let us show him all around the area!


Below is a Youtube video and fantastic commentary of Copper Peak as well as the sport itself. If the video below doesn't play, click here.