A little time left for golfing!

Just wanted to let you know that it may not be too late for golfers already in the area renting a chalet near Big Powderhorn Mountain to get some golfing done...because you can't look at the Fall Colors all day everyday!

At least three major golf clubs in the area are still open for the fall for at least a couple more weeks.

One of them even mentioned they would be open for as long as play is possible for the 2013 season. Each one of these courses provides specials and events for amateurs and professionals.

Openings are not guaranteed, but it never hurts to call and ask for available dates:

  1. Skye Golf -- Skye Golf located near Lake Superior’s south shore is still open for the fall and provides many landscape challenges for varying skill levels. Players will encounter bent grass fairways while dodging trees and overlooking the spectacular Apostle Island. It’s located near the Whitecap Mountains.
  2. Boulder Creek  -- Boulder Creek offers its 9-hole course covering lush hills and vast plains. Both hobbyists and professional golfers can order tee times here all the way up until the snow sticks on the ground. Therefore, it’s not too late for anyone who wants to enjoy some outdoor fall tee time. This par 72 course offers 5 separate tee box areas.
  3. Gogebic Country Club -- If interested golfers hurry, they can also find some      time to play at the Gogebic Country Club. Their tentative close date for 2013 is October 15th. However, even if the course is closed for  the season, it may not be too early to plan for 2014. After all, they open every spring to new and seasoned players. Watch out for water hazards, trees, and rough greens. This club is located in Ironwood, Michigan.

Every single one of these places offers a chance for players to make memories. Quite a long line of respectable players have found refuge in these greens. Unfortunately, I am not a respectable player and my refuge is in the rough (or the opposite direction of the hole).

Small groups and large corporate parties have scheduled tee times at any one of these locations. Families who rent property also frequent these Upper Michigan clubs when they are looking to try something new.