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Lake Superior, Big Powderhorn Mountain, Northwest Wisconsin- a touristy delight!

Lake Superior being the world’s largest fresh water lake contains as much water as all the other lakes combined with the surface area of 82,170 square kilometers. Over 300 streams and rivers empty into Lake Superior. It is located in the states of Michigan; Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario. Lake Superior has 10% of all the earth’s fresh water. In the summer, the sun sets more than 35 minutes later on the western shore of lake than its southern edge. It is often passed as an ocean in Hollywood movies because of its impressive size. Lake Superior is home to about 80 species of fish, including crab and varieties of trout salmon and perch.  A popular tourist attraction for fishing, recreational and sports fishing is mainly for competition.

Big Powderhorn Mountain is a ski resort in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In its 250 acres, it offers 33 trails of Alpine Skiing and snowboarding. It comes with an easy, intermediate and difficult trail rating and a 400ft. vertical drop. Residents of Upper Peninsula take on the some of the cultural identities of both Wisconsin and Michigan. They are frequently called Yoopers. A large numbers of Finnish, Swedish, Cornish and Italian immigrants came to the Upper Peninsula to settle. Climate is humid continental, winters tend to be long, cold and snowy, and the day light hours are short.

Northwest Wisconsin offers great outdoors. To experience canoe, trails, hiking, fishing, birding at Crex Meadows and sailing in fine lakes, a trip here is a must. Attend a local festival or simply enjoy a fine meal at the sunset. North West Wisconsin has lot to offer to utilize your time in best possible way.  And if you don’t wish to do anything, then just enjoy the peace and calm of nature rich beautiful Badger State. State’s largest American Indian cultural event includes a competitive pow-pow, music on five stages, dance troupes, craft demonstration and a market place.  Shopping here offers variety of American Indian wares and authentic cuisine.  You can visit traditional villages and listen to native storytelling and shop for art and craft.

Other unique events include free-fall themed apple picking family event, wagon rides, apple pie contest and horse performances. There are a variety of restaurants in North West Wisconsin and theaters and sport venues for entertainment and recreation.  Besides historic sites, there are museums, art galleries and area tours. You can spend meaningful time in farms and farmer’s markets as well.   National forest camping sites are also available for real outdoor fun.

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