Big Snow Country vs Lutsen

While this is going to be a work in progress, I wanted to at least start with a quick comparison from a Skiing / Snowboarding perspective.

Big Snow vs Lutsen Ski Resort Comparison.GIF

Here is a quick distance comparison. I feel that this is important because many people from the St. Paul / Minneapolis area think Lutsen is closer. 

Distance Comparison for Lutsen vs Big Snow.GIF

Another thing to consider when comparing the drive is the number of routes to each destination. For those that aren't familiar with the area, there is only one major road in and out of Lutsen (think of the impact on drive and safety during the winter months). When getting to Big Snow Country, there are several highly traveled routes to get in and out of the area.


The next comparison I want to make is the distance to the nearest hospital. While this isn't something that is fun to think about, it is a reality of life...especially for us that enjoy outdoor activities.


Hospital Distance Comparison for Big Snow vs Lutsen.GIF