Why SuperOne Foods in Ironwood is the Best

While Wal-Mart in the area is great for convenience, I choose Super One Foods for my grocery, beer and wine shopping whenever possible. After spending two weeks relaxing at 802 Sno Use, I became accustomed to the customer service offered by Super1. In fact, I got so used to them bagging my groceries, I paused for a moment when I went to my local grocery store in central Minnesota…almost waiting for my groceries to be bagged. The prices and variety of beer, liquor, and wine are fantastic and the selection was vast.

This is where my adventure began. I was randomly walking through the beer, wine and liquor section and came across a sixer from the same brewery of one of my favorite beers. Mind you, I had been looking for this beer for 6 years after no distributer in Minnesota would get it for me.  I then happened to stumble across a store employee who was willing and determined they could get my favorite beer, Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier. Not only did he call one of his distributors in the Upper Peninsula and place a special order for it, this godsend of an employee had it delivered to the store in two days. Lastly, he even provided this amazing brew at a price that was lower than I had paid over 6 years ago.


All of these are amazing beers!!!! However, I love the one on the far right in the green label.


The most amazing part of this story is the fact that the person helping me was the Store Manager!!! How often do you see a store manager working the floor and helping guests? How often has a Store Manager been willing to help you secure something you have been seeking out for over a half decade?

In all, the Store Manager spent roughly an hour and a half hooking me up with my favorite beer. Now every time I am on my way up to the 802 Sno Use at Big Powderhorn Mountain and need to restock on one of my favorite brews, I give the store manager a call and he has it waiting without fail. That is what I call customer service!

Aside from my beer hobby, Super One has been a huge help in assisting my family with finding a variety of gluten free food options for our children. If you are like us and need a various selection of gluten free foods, I highly suggest you swing in to Super One before you look elsewhere. While we don’t mind shopping at Walmart in Ironwood, MI from time to time, the variety gluten free options just aren’t available at this location.