Nightlife in Hurley, WI starts with Silver Street. This 5 block stretch is steeped in history...especially during the prohibition days when Al Capone and John Dillinger sought the solitude of the area. More importantly, Hurley is as lively today as it was 130 years ago (the entertainment capital for the hardworking loggers and miners)!

Ummm...if you have found this page, we all have an idea of what you are looking for. Since this area is still under construction, I will simply tell you that there are lots of bars in Hurley. Some of them are for the guys (and adventurous girls) and many more for just about everyone else! is a quick list of bars that I got from the Hurley Chamber of Commerce and is not a definitive list (I think these are just the bars that paid the Chamber of Commerce money to be listed).

Alaska House Bar, Bear Chasers Lodge Bar and Grill, Choppers Low Life Lounge, Dawghouse, Don's Bar, Dumb Dum's Bar & Grill, Fat Boyz Inn, Frontier Bar and Campground, Iron Horse Saloon, Mac's Bar, North Pole Tavern, Saxon Pub "Rack Shack", Scheele's Playpen, Spider's, Stutzy's Pub, Taz and T.C.'s Bear Trap Inn, Teezer's, Willy's Still



In the meantime, here is a list of restaurants in Hurly, WI

 Hurley, WI Restaurants


Stay tuned for more information and in-depth reviews.